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Al Yamuna Densons is a leading heat shrink cable joints manufacturers, heat shrinkable cable jointing kits manufacturers and suppliers in UAE. Cable joints play an essential role in the electrical and electronic systems of any home or industry. They connect the power cables and ensure the flow of continuous electric current through them. Al Yamuna Densons FZE is one of the most reliable & reputable company when it comes to manufacturing and supplying of high quality heat shrink cable jointing kits.

  • At Al Yamuna Densons FZE, our team of experienced engineers use the most advanced materials & friendly design to hold the modern technology. Different types of heat shrink cable joints are used depending upon their intended application and accordingly the type of requirements will differ.
  • The heat shrinkable cable joints can be Straight Through for XLPE to XLPE or PILC to PILC Cable and can be Transition Cable Joint type for connection of XLPE to PILC Cable.
  • We are the leading manufacturers, suppliers & exporters of Heat Shrinkable Cable Jointing Kits in India since 1973.
  • We also manufacture and supply cable jointing compounds, which are used in cable joints for XLPE/PVC/PILC cables, both for low voltage and medium voltage.
  • In addition they are suitable for use on underground, overhead and submersible cable joints.
  • We can provide our customers with product that best suits their specific applications.
  • The voltage grade is from 1.1 kV onwards.
  • Heat shrinkbale cable joints are easy to install and once installed can be used in a trench that is to be immediately back-filled.
  • We are able to support Heat Shrinkable Cable Jointing Kits requirements across all technologies, including Resin Joints, Heat Shrink Cable Joints, Heat Shrink Cable Terminations etc. The Power Cable Joints are highly dependable, manufacturing plant and tested cable joints for 15kV, 25kV and 35(36)kV class distribution systems.


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