Pre-Moulded Cable Joints

Pre Molded Cable Joints

Pre Molded Cable Joints Kits

The pre moulded cable joints are immensely useful and popular in the global market. Usually, these cable joints use outer protection types of tubes that are heat shrinkable. Also, these pre moulded cable joints are levied with both extraordinary and superior mechanical and electrical properties. These cable joints helps in various connectivity purposes and are preferably used in tunnels and manholes. They are available in a wide variety and are designed according to their need of purpose.

  • Thus, these pre moulded cable joints are available in various types. Some are available with a metallic casing, some without a metallic casing and some are equipped with a double layer of heat shrinkable tubes on the outer protective layer to be more preventive against water penetration, if any.
  • We are a leading manufacturer and a supplier of the pre moulded cable joints.
  • Our products are made of the best quality and surpass all possible factory testings that is required.
  • The installation process of these cable joints is simple and easy.
  • These cable joints are designed primarily to adhere all types of environment.
  • Therefore, they provide a high degree of protection when used and applied during any type of situation and setting.
  • We have successfully covered various areas and have created a mark of trust in the global market.


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