Elbow Connectors

Pre Moulded Elbow Connectors up to 36kV 400A (for Type-B Bushing)

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  • Safe to touch.
  • Faster installation.
  • Non-corrosive and UV resistant.
  • Outstanding mechanical, chemical & electrical properties.
  • Provides a fully screened and fully-submersible separable connection when mated with the proper bushing or plug.
  • Built-in capacitive test point allows for an easy check of the circuit status or installation of a fault indicator.
  • Unlimited shelf-life.
  • In compliance with IEC-60502-4.
Pre Moulded Elbow Connectors up to 36kV 400A (for Type-B Bushing)


Dimension Chart for Pre Moulded Deadbreak Elbow (Type-B) Connectors up to 36 kV, 400A

DDEC Technical
Elbow Connector,
15kV, 400A
Elbow Connector,
24kV, 400A
Elbow Connector,
36kV, 400A
Cable 8.7/15kV 12.7/22kV 19/33kV
  System Voltage 17.5kV 24kV 36kV
  Rated Current 400A 400A 400A
  Overload (4hrs Max.) 600A 600A 600A
  Partial Discharge 15kV/ ≤10pC 22kV/ ≤10pC 33kV/ ≤10pC
  A.C. Withstand Test 39.2kV/5min. 57.2kV/5min. 85.5kV/5min.


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