Cold Shrink Terminations

Cold Shrink Indoor Terminations 36 kV (for XLPE Cable)



  • Simple Structure, pre-fabricated, ready to use and easy to install.
  • Minimises jointer’s skills.
  • Made from LSR, delivering better Electrical and Outdoor Performance.
  • Resistance to Weather, UV light and salt pollution, no explosion and fire hazard.
  • Maintains constant radial pressure.
  • In compliance to various international specifications and standards (IEC-60502-4 / IS:13573).
Cold Shrink Indoor Terminations 36 kV (for XLPE Cable)


Test Item of Cold Shrink Termination as per IEC-60502-4 / IS:13573

Testing Items U o/U 19/33 kV
A/C withstand test 86kV, 5min, no flashover
Partial discharge test 33kV < 10pc (Max.)
Thermal Cycles (63 cycles) under95-100° C 48kV
Impulse voltage test 170kV no flashover
A/C with stand test 48kV, 15 min, no flashover
Humidity test (Indoor) No flashover, tracking erosion or mechanical damage occured at 300hrs, 24kV

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For 33 kV Indoor Terminations (for XLPE Cable)

33 kV 3 core
Cable Cross
Section (mm2)
Type No.
50 - 95 DCSI 33 - 3 X 1 Enquire Now
120 - 185 DCSI 33 - 3 X 2 Enquire Now
240 - 400 DCSI 33 - 3 X 3 Enquire Now